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Original Title: Worst Cooks in America
Channel: Food Network
Language: English
Description: Once the young Julia madly in love with Mr. Richard Sturges and left his home state of Michigan, he moved to London. Since then, it took many years, Mrs. Julia Sturges seventeen year old son and ten-year daughter. Life with her husband for a long time turned into an unbearable routine, and inattention wife, always busy chores, in constant torture. The heroine decides to secretly leave the city of Albion and return with the children to their homeland to America. Having bought three tickets for the first flight unsinkable "Titanic", it is, without further goodbyes sits on the ship. Accidentally learned at the last moment that Julia together with their children, Norman and Annette, are going to sail, Richard ran after him. However, all the tickets sold out long ago. In desperation abandoned spouse acquires an exorbitant price ticket for a third-class seat and sits down on the ship, hoping to fix and restore the family home. "Titanic" set sail. None of the passengers did not occur to him that the giant ship will soon face an iceberg and go to the bottom, pulling a hundred lives. What will be the final journey of heroes, you know, if you watch online drama "Titanic."

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