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In a not too distant future, it happens that an alien species from Mars reaches the earth, to seize existing here commodities. The invasion is anything but peaceful vonstatten: Long ago, the Martians have hidden so-called tripods below the surface and are now waiting to activate the fighting machines.    What follows is pure destruction - the human race is nearing extinction. Relentlessly the invaders beat and shy away from any sacrifice to achieve their goal. If the last day for humanity on Earth soon dawned? Or will succeed the resistance fighters to find a way to have the invaders from space in their place?    Background & about War of the WorldsNachdem Jeff Davis with Teen Wolf was able to gain initial experience in terms reboot of an established material, he was after the werewolf series of MTV for another project involved: The serial conversion of H. G. Wells' science fiction work War of the Worlds from 1898. This has already been adapted in various ways. One of the most prominent example, the radio play version of 1938 is likely to be.    In addition, there are also numerous film versions of the story. With War of the Worlds Byron Haskin 1953 created the first of its kind. In 2005 he returned with Steven Spielberg and War of the Worlds his own interpretation of the original from. With War of the Worlds first television adaptation was broadcast from 1988 to 1990 also. (MH)

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