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Actually, Nele Fehrenbach has built a grassroots existence with her family in Hamburg. Due to an auspicious offer it returns yet again to their homeland. Lake Constance she now acts as head of the water police - and will face the same on their first day with a murder case when a sailboat without a crew is found on the beach. A little later, the body of the owner shows up. The only question is whether this is an unfortunate accident or intentional murder. Nele firmly believes that the sailors of natural causes died.    Main Characters from WaPo BodenseeNele Fehrenbach (Floriane Daniel) takes over the position as head of the Water Police on Lake Constance. In addition, she has two children, Johanna (Sofie Eifertinger) and Niklas (Noah Calvin), both stuck in the middle of puberty.    Andreas Rambach (Ole doll) is Neles new colleague, working for some time in the water police. Therefore, the jealousy Andreas is really big - after all, he had fully expected to take over the leadership position in the near future.    Pirmin Spitznagel (Simon Werdelis) is - like Andreas - a local and Nele initially hostile minded. With his pedantic manner, he does not hesitate to cross and is in the investigation of much help.    Julia Demmler (Wendy Güntensperger) is one of the few people who Nele receives at the river police with open arms. Quickly, the two women become friends. Nele know they can rely on Julia's support. (MH)

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