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In Japan the presence it happens that mankind is confronted with mysterious things that were previously only as legends and myths. As it turns out, however, drives a dangerous vampire tribe for centuries completely undetected on the loose. But now a new era has dawned in which the boundary between the natural and the supernatural world disappears and new laws are created. What follows is a devastating war between humans and vampires, which demands not only numerous victims, but also is responsible for countless pints of blood to be shed. At the end of the day the world is, as we know it, no longer be the same. (MH)    Background & about Tokyo Hotel Tokyo Vampire Vampire hotel consists of nine episodes, the eighth chapter was split into two parts. All episodes celebrated on June 16, 2017 Amazon in Japan its premiere. In addition, a two and a half hour edited version of the series exists as a film that was shown at various film festivals. (MH)

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