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Jack Tripper is a bachelor who, before it moves to the ladies-WG, served in the Navy. He can cook excellent and is also very humorous. To be allowed to remain in the women-WG, he pretends to the landlord to have no interest in the female sex. - Jack, along with Janet, one of the two characters, which were represented in all seasons.    Janet Wood is a florist and known for their wit and their insight. She is also a loving friend with whom you can talk about everything. - As Jack is Janet one of the two characters who were present during the entire series.    Christmas "Chrissy" Snow, Secretary, is the good-looking "naive blonde" in the WG. My happen frequently as some misadventures. It also comes up trumps with its inscrutable partly logic. Her father is a Protestant pastor. - The role of Chrissy, played by Susanne Somers, is a solid character to the fifth season.    In the first pilot episode from 1975, this character is played by a Samantha, played by Susanne Zenor. In the second pilot episode Chrissy played by Susan Lanier.    Cindy Snow is the clumsy cousin of Chrissy who will move later in place of Chrissy in the WG. Later, she studied medicine. - regular character in the fifth and sixth season.    Terri Alden draws, according to Cindy's statement, to the flat one. She may be blonde, but neither naive nor clumsy. By profession, she is a nurse. - This role has been introduced in the past three seasons because viewers had complained that the image of blondes was so negatively depicted in the series.    Stanley Roper is the landlord of the apartment in which Jack, Janet and Chrissy live. Stanley is married to Helen, who constantly want sex with him, even though he is disinterested. - This role is an integral character in only the first three seasons.    Helen Roper, wife of landlord Stanley Roper and constantly frustrated that her husband would not have sex with her, and they still have a romantic streak. Unlike her husband, she is informed from the beginning about the fact that Jack is not gay. - Together with the role of Stanley, the role of Helen after the third season of the series was eliminated.    Ralph Furley is the "clumsy" landlord of the WG (as of the fourth season), who tries in vain to arrive in females. He jumps to his brother Bart, who was originally supposed to take the post of the landlord. - regular character from the fourth season.    Larry Dallas's Jack's neighbor and best friend. By profession he is used car dealer and of Greek descent - his real name is Dalliapolis. To get women into bed, it can be so few ideas. - W_iederkehrender character from the second Staffel._    Lana Shields, neighbor, has his eye on Jack. But spare minutes with Jack are scarce, as Mr. Furley is interested in her and is constantly in the vicinity. - regular character in season three.    Spin-Offs    Three's pulled two less successful spin-off series by himself. Back in 1979, when was not yet the end of the main series worth mentioning was "two odd birds" ( "The Ropers", 28 episodes), which was canceled after two seasons 1980th After the end of production of Three's the story of Jack Tripper in the series "Jack's Bistro" ( "Three's a Crowd", 22 episodes) was also known as "Three are one too many", retold. But as for the first spin-off series, the end came very early - after 22 episodes, this series in 1985 was terminated.    Background information    The series is a US adaptation of the British series "Man about the house". The two spin-off series that followed Herzbube with two ladies who had English models. So stood for "Two odd birds" series "George and Mildred" godfather, "Jack's Bistro" was the new version of "Robin's Nest".    Three pilot episodes were filmed for the series to the ABC manager David Silverman be O. K. gave for the start of production of the first season - that was until then unique in American television. In the first pilot episode of the later "Jack" actor John Ritter "David" played, Valerie Curtin was "Jenny" and Suzanne Zenor played the role of "Samantha". In the second pilot, the roles of "Jack", "Janet" and "Chrissy" were introduced, but still embodied Susan Lanier "Chrissy".