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Original Title: The F Word
Channel: FOX
Language: English
Description: For Jesse Custer, it's been a lifetime's work to serve God. Over time, the preacher had his own parish in his native Texas.but not everyone can refuse worldly temptations. The kind-hearted hero was the person to whom believers sincerely stretched, his cordiality and ability to empathize bribed many. Once upon a time a heavy burden lay on the shoulders of a preacher.during the next service, he was possessed by something supernatural. With the advent of the stranger creatures Jesse opened available now incredible abilities. In addition to the powers of persuasion able like God to give the deceased a life and take it for the great sins.the Thing is that something called Genesis is an unusual creature born of an angel-demon bond. In the neighborhood of the overwhelming kindness and light in it holds the ball of dark energy in higher concentration. The inexperienced Minister of the Church is discouraged by the miracles happening to him. He received unlimited power, which all the villains of the world dream of. But it is hard for a preacher to cope with the antics of Genesis, who intends to show his own character. Which means without Custer's reasonable control, innocent people could die.Soon a key character in the series Preacher watch online learns that the Lord came down to earth, which means that the Martyr urgently need to find him among the people that he explained the reason for the appearance of the essence within one of the millions of equals. To help the former beloved in a hurry adventurer Tulip.rnafter Wandering around the corners of America, the couple meets a strange acquaintance who intends to become a companion of travelers. A vampire from Ireland, who prefers to be in eternal alcoholic intoxication, is interested in a rendezvous with God no less than Carter.a Series of strange events will bring the Trinity to the wandering souls of the restless, the patron angel of criminals. But the worst will be the people United in one secret organization. Its purpose-unlimited control over the leadership of the greatest powers of the planet. Seeing the treacherous underside of what is happening in the modern world, Carter comes to the conclusion that God most likely left humanity. From these thoughts, the desire to find him in a faceless crowd only grows.

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