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  • Genres:
  • Animation
  • Comedy
  • Family
Channel: Netflix
Language: English
Description: A wall street financial mover named Bobby Axelrod has amassed billions of dollars of exorbitant capital. So it is not surprising that such an exaggerated well-being of the businessman attracted the attention of the city authorities. And to be precise, Federal attorney Chuck Rhodes. Rhodes quickly realizes that in the Affairs of Axelrod there is a place for fraud and evasion of the law – he is not a fool and knows how to compare the numbers. However, Bobby is too big a fish to be taken and put behind bars without serious evidence. And get them, of course, is not so easy. Billionaire unabashedly throws the Prosecutor challenged – why else would he have amassed such wealth if you can't afford some liberties against those who have the power? But opposition very soon becomes dangerous-especially if to consider that Rhodes digs with badger persistence and at the same time refuses to take bribes. To his credit, it should be noted that adherence to principles in matters of the law is peculiar to him from and to – so that Axelrod's attempts to entice him are defeated. But in the battles of the giants have value even details. Because Chuck is particularly sensitive to the fact that his wife, a successful financier, working for Axelrod and refuses to say goodbye to the money place…

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