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Original Title: Metalocalypse
  • Genres:
  • Animation
  • Comedy
Channel: Adult Swim
Creators: Brendon Small
Language: English
Description: Once the main characters humorous cartoon was "zazvezdilsya" musicians, but then... nothing has changed! The main characters of the animated series "Metropolises" still consider themselves to be almost the center of the universe, they still don't consider the opinions of others, and then Lipa in funny trouble. That's just to deal with the consequences of friends now have to cope on their own – in the final the previous season, their personal Manager was murdered during the attack on Mordhaus. At first, the guys are quite easy to cope with the duties of the deceased employee. They even stop missing him. And when the musicians enter into a contract involving the "Aksenovo" tour in their history, they did criticize the klutz of Ofdensen last words. But very soon the guys find themselves in a rather difficult situation – they do not know how to count money, so in a few days they spend almost all their fortune. Will they be able to continue to do without the services of a Manager?

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