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Original Title: MasterChef
Channel: FOX
Creators: Franc Roddam
Language: English
Description: In the sixth season of the beloved series Dr. house " the main character is expected to make serious changes. A sore leg, forcing Gregory to take drugs, eventually brought to the edge: by a court decision, house was hospitalized for compulsory treatment at the Mayfield clinic. Trying to resist this, house was looking for a way to escape or compromise the doctors, but in the end he had to accept his fate and be treated. The time spent in Mayfield was not in vain-house was able to return to normal life. However, to hurry to his workplace, he was not going. Having tested himself in cooking and other Hobbies, Gregory still came to the conclusion that without diagnosing him just bored. It is for this reason he returned to the position of head of diagnostics, where, during his lack with the duties of the chief Ocenia not hastily tried to handle foreman. In addition, chase and Cameron returned to the diagnostic Department, who have yet to learn how to cooperate with the new team of genius house.

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