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Original Title: Jericho
  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Mystery
Channel: CBS
Creators: Jon Turteltaub,Stephen Chbosky,Jonathan E. Steinberg
Language: English
Description: Action sci-Fi series"Jericho" is set in a small town, located near Denver, in the state of Kansas. The locals were the most common way of life, diligently preparing for the election of the head of the city, when suddenly one day on the horizon seemed a cloud formed as a result of a nuclear explosion, and covered, apparently, Denver. Because of the explosion, all communications are out of order, and the town is completely cut off from the outside world. Residents of Jericho begins to visit quite a natural question: are they not the only Americans who managed to survive?Lack of sufficient supply of provisions, fear of radioactive contamination give rise to panic in society, and in some of its individual members, and even anger and hatred. However, despite what happened, the inhabitants of Jericho more than ever should unite and learn to live in a new world, because for them, this is the only chance to survive…

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