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Original Title: Isabel
  • Genres:
  • Drama
Channel: La 1
Creators: Javier Olivares
Description: In the first season, we watched as to the possession of the Spanish throne was one of the most famous Queens in the world, who managed to unite the fragmented parts of his country into one! We saw how hard Isabella of Castile avoided Palace intrigues, put up with the steep temper of his older brother Enrique and how hard experienced the death of the younger Alfonso. It would seem that after the girl ascended to the throne, her misery had to come to an end, because the Queen can only enjoy everything that happens around her. But in the 2nd season, we make sure that all is not so simple - the newly minted ruler will have to address the issues of succession after the death of Enrique, to try to stop the escalating civil war, to deal with the intrigues of the allies Juana Beltraneja - step-daughter's older brother. And this is not taking into account the fact that her husband Ferndinand in some period of time tried to take the throne from his wife. Also in this part we will talk about how to equip the expedition to the shores of America, led by Columbus, as the country left the Jews and how the war against Granada.

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