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Original Title: Inspector Lewis
  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Crime
  • Mystery
Channel: ITV
Creators: Colin Dexter
Language: English
Description: Six computer geniuses are moving to San Francisco. There was a man who is ready to provide them with everything they need, from housing and ending with money and equipment. There is only one condition – each of the guys gives a tenth of the profits from their developments. They do not mind and gladly accept the offer of a millionaire. The boys settle in a house owned by a rich man, and begin to work hard.The results are not long in coming, because the guys are professionals. However, there are also curious cases, but this does not stop the confident heroes. They continue their work, because their goal-to make life easier for the average person. The millionaire receives his profit, and all the men that they needed for further work. Only every day the number of fun cases only increases. Sometimes guys cross the line altogether, but it does not prevent them to work on their projects. Here only it does not begin to trick a millionaire?

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