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Original Title: Farscape
Channel: Syfy
Creators: Rockne S. O'Bannon
Language: English
Description: The television project, created at the dawn of two millennia, introduces viewers to the genius of scientific thought - astronaut John Crichton, trying to confirm his own theory about the distance in space. He conducts tests on his own starship, created for this purpose. Using the gravitational forces of the home planet, the hero of the television series "Far away in the Universe" expected to significantly accelerate the flying module to make thus the first step to the emergence of full interstellar travel. But the gravitational wave of the Earth destroyed all his plans. Suddenly opened wormhole swallowed his spaceship, throwing it thousands of light years from here. In itself, she was in the middle of the ensuing space battle taking place between fugitive prisoners of different races, United in the Union and seebalance - beings are completely indistinguishable from humans. By the will of fate, he finds himself on a ship of fugitives, taking his place in the protracted confrontation between the two sides.

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