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Original Title: Die Sendung mit der Maus
  • Genres:
  • Animation
  • Family
Channel: ARD
Creators: Gert Kaspar Müntefering,Siegfried Mohrhof,Monika Paetow,Armin Maiwald,Dieter Saldecki
Description: Painting "Invasion" danger of an alien invasion, should help save a normal doctor. Washington in a small provincial town sent an experienced psychiatrist. The entire population of the town is struck by some unidentified virus. He decides to conduct its own investigation and find out the reasons for the sudden epidemic. Terrible disease triggered major changes in the mental health of the town's residents. After spending some studies, the doctor comes to the conclusion that the infection is the latest classification of the disease. To unravel the origin of this virus did not last long, with the introduction of alien representatives, it is clear that the origin of this infection extraterrestrial. The psychiatrist needs as soon as possible to invent a cure because the disease is growing rapidly and spread outside the town.

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