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Original Title: Cuban Chrome
Channel: Discovery
Language: English
Description: The plot of the film Destruction (2013), which concentrated all the meat in a bloody struggle for survival, will no doubt seem to many friends, as such a sight could be seen in a Deadly race and That person. The cruelty of modernity sometimes knows no bounds. Many people have long forgotten what respect is and no longer appreciate life, especially someone else's. And when there is a lot of money involved, there is no value except them. Unfortunately, society is getting closer to the original, when a person needs only bread and circuses. The Destruction of the film just tells about people who are ready to buy any spectacle, if only it be entertained. nnThe film Destruction (2013) is a scary story of kidnapping young girls to involve them in a deadly game for the pleasure of observers, bored of money bags. The heroine at first did not understand and did not take part in this action. They are surprised that the same can stand Only one can do it, the one who with his bare hands will tear his life from the bodies of other girls. nnWhat an abomination carries the proposed cash prize to the winner. Life forty nine

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