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Original Title: Cops
Channel: FOX,Spike,Paramount Network
Creators: John Langley,Malcolm Barbour
Language: English
Description: Last year for all characters was difficult in its own way, but the hardest to have the main character - Bay Kennish and Daphne Sorrento. The girls lost their father - Angelo, which is the first of them was the biological parent and the other raised. The death of a man especially grieved at Daphne, that nerves even tried cocaine and received probation for several provocative antics. But this did not stop it - a girl and a friend snuck on the mother plant and its partner Wes smashing expensive equipment there. When she was caught, she faced imprisonment, but Bay took everything on himself, saved her friend from prison, and she thus escaped house arrest and community service. Because of her feat, Daphne rethought year of his life, admitted his guilt and correct. Now she is going to fulfill his childhood dream and is already preparing to go to medical school. Meanwhile, Bay will not be able to go with Emmett to Los Angeles because of his temporal punishment, but she promises to come to him after 80 days. Their relationship begins small discord because girls action, but in the end, "boyfriend" understands it and agrees to suffer. In the 4th season of "They have changed in the hospital," the girls have hard times - after being hit on the public works Bay by chance contact with drug dealers, and at Daphne encounter serious problems with learning ...

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