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Original Title: Charlie's Angels
Channel: ABC
Creators: Ben Roberts,Ivan Goff
Language: English
Description: The basis of the new series formed the American comics, which operates a fictional race created by comic book authors Jack Kirby and Stan Lee. For the first time this race appeared in the marvel Universe in December of 1965 in the graphic novel Fantastic four Fantastic Four, 45-m room. However several characters have appeared previously, but soon a separate series about this race. Superhumans first appeared in the comic about the Fantastic four Fantastic Four # 45 (December 1965), but their representatives Medusa and Gorgon appeared in previous editions of this series (in № 36 and № 44, respectively). The background of the "Superhumans " it all Began with the enmity of the two cosmic races Scrollv and the Kree. In order to gain the advantage of the Kree race began scientific work on the station they created on the planet of the Solar system Uranus. As a result of research, they found that the inhabitants of the Earth have genetics, which they installed a race of Gods. Taking advantage of this opportunity, they begin to create mutants from their genetic material and the genetic material of earthlings to create an army to fight the Skrulls. The experiments they successful, but they stopped it because the predictions it could lead to the anomaly capable of destroying the Supreme intelligence of the Kree. But those who have already been created have created their own isolated society with very advanced technologies, and built Attilan – the city of Superhumans. The Superhuman society has a rigid caste structure. Each member of which, after determining its physical and mental abilities, receives a rigidly defined place that can not change. Interracial marriages are prohibited. However, some this ban violate. Attilan is a Kingdom. The king of the superhuman Is Black Thunder, who rules together with the Royal family. < i> Black thunder and his wife Medusa have a difficult relationship with the Genetic Council, which believes That black Thunder should not have children, because its genetic structure is very dangerous. When they have a son, Black Thunder is torn between her love for jellyfish and the son, and of the debt owed to the Council. But the Genetic Council is seizing the child, and trying to use it against black Thunder, to overthrow him from the throne. After this betrayal, black Thunder loses its loyalty to the Council by starting an open conflict. He even refuses the crown voluntarily, and leaves Attilan with his family to lead an exclusively private family life with his wife and child. But when Atilano begins to threaten a real danger, returned to her Royal duties. For a long time, the fact that there is a race of Superhumans was kept in great secret. However, due to the fact that the Inhumans begin quite often and actively interact with a large number of superheroes and mutants of the Earth - with the Avengers and X-Men, and especially with the Fantastic Four, helping them in the fight against such troubles as magneto, Galactus, Ultron, Apocalypse and Dr. Doom. The Royal family: Blackagar Boltagon called Black Thunder — Supreme ruler Attilan. King. Has a hypersonic voice of destructive power. On the forehead has an antenna in the form of a fork to control your voice. Macuzalito, Amanulin Boltagon called Medusa — Korleva. Black Thunder's cousin and wife. the mother of Ahura and older sister of Crystal. Capable of using his hair to telekinetic control. Kristalia Amakvelin Maksimoff, called Crystal-is the younger sister of Medusa. The only one who had violated the law on interracial marriages, she was married to the mutant Quicksilver. However, soon they split up. She is subject to four elements: earth, air, fire and water. Gorgon Pendragon is a Cousin of black Thunder and jellyfish. He has hooves instead of legs, which he can create shocks that lead to earthquakes. Karnak Munder-Azur is a cousin of black Thunder. The philosopher and the priest. Not exposed to the Terrigen Mist. However, feels the weaknesses of the opponents. He knows martial arts. Triton Mander-Azur is Karnak's brother. He has fish physiology. Largo— a huge bulldog who can teleport with passengers. It is a vehicle for members of the Royal family. Maximus Boltagon is called Maximus the Mad. Black Thunder's Brother. Regularly attempt to oust brother from the throne. Can control the mind. Ahura Boltagon is the son of the king and Queen. A powerful psychic. Luna Maximoff is the daughter of Crystal and Mercury. She was born human, but when she was exposed to Terrigen Fog, she became a mutant. Unpronounceable is Another cousin of black Thunder. He held the Royal office until the black Thunder, but the love of power led to rebellion and overthrow. Can transform a body into anything. Genetic Council: Arcadius - Supreme Chancellor. Has the ability to revive sculptures. Air-has wings like a bird and can fly. Kartus is the spiritual mentor of the Superhumans, as well as the head of the religious movement. He has two tentacles on his head. In addition to them, Sevet includes: Furger, Kitang, Ternon, Portal, Targon, Sinas and Sapphires Series Marvel Supermen 1-7 series free download in HD720 it is possible at us on site with 04.11.2017!

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