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Original Title: Babel
Channel: SVT1
Description: The eighth season of one of the most popular mystery series about supernatural abilities of the three sisters came out in September 2005. Life Piper, Paige and Phoebe Halliwell is changing dramatically following the murder of Zanka and Nexus, the girls are forced to change the names and appearance and call themselves cousins ??themselves. They decide to lead a life without demons of supernatural forces, but Paige, as custodians, tormenting ringing in my head, it turns out the call of its wards. Sister in the final season will be introduced to the young witch Billie Jenkins, who will bring into their lives a lot of trouble. She vainly looking for his lost sister in 10 years, and the good witch Halliwell seriously thinking hard to accept her into their society and to teach the basics of magic. Under mysterious circumstances, Piper's husband Leo leaves the Angel of Destiny to complete the "Great Battle". In the new series "Charmed" series 8 season sisters still do not know what is actually their ward and her cousin, but because of them recovered triad.

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